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Noteworthy moments in my hobbies and tracking my R/C Plane builds (majority).

Post Crash - Top Down

A Not So Takeoff Takeoff

June 24th I got out flying, finally, after quite a hiatus due to inclement weather. The days events didn’t go as planned to say the least. The following is an account of what happened that day after I had some time to organize my thoughts and go over things in my head. When I first …

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Stabilizer Leading Edge Rounded

Building Aero 3D Day 59: Hinging Control Surfaces

Thursday, utilized the slot machine (motorized hinge slotting machine by Great Planes) to make hinges in the following control surfaces: Ailerons Elevators Stabilizer I definitely need more practice with this as I always have a tendancy to tilt the machine towards me causing me to come out the side. That said though, made some solid …

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W-SH-6 & W-ST-2s Stagged In Position

Building Aero 3D Day 55: WC Assembly Pieces

Sunday, I continued work on the WC assembly building upon Saturdays success. I started by building the other W-ST-2 (top in image below), which invovled going through the same process as in the previous post and then moved on to the 3/32” balsa sheeting piece W-SH-6.