Devin W.C. Ryan

Devin Ryan recently became the Manager of IT Services at Kenora Catholic School Board following almost 7 years as a Programmer Analyst with the Northwestern Health Unit. He has experience administering a SharePoint farm and developing custom solutions. His background in object-oriented programming, database administration and project management has enabled him to develop technical solutions to solve business problems, digitize and automate business processes and extend the organization’s reach to both external and internal clients.

Devin is fueled by his passion to solve problems.  His formal education is complete but his thirst for knowledge and learning is strong. He seeks out both professional and personal pursuits to grow his skill sets.

Devin enjoys reading about science and technology and novels. He likes to stay active by swimming, cycling and running.  One of his favorite hobbies is building and flying remote control airplanes. With his interest in aerobatics he is working towards being able to perform complex 3D flying maneuvers.  His blog came out of creating a place to share his builds in hopes of helping others learn new techniques.  Others building the same planes are able to follow along for interest.  When building the same plane fill in some gaps discovered in instructions provided.