Building Seamaster Day 27: Covering Started!

Trailing Edge Covered

I had another hiatus from building and finally got back to it again on Sept. 28th which debuted covering of the aircraft!  That’s right I have finally got to the point where I can start covering.  I am planning on following a similar color scheme as my previous aircraft.

This session saw the start of covering the wing, specifically the trailing edge in green, seen above.  This involved measuring and cutting a few pieces of covering and ironing it on to the trailing edge with some excess to fold over each edge.  In the middle where the metal wire is for the aileron controls required some extra ‘fiddling’ to get the covering to fit right as needed to make a hole in the covering, slide the wire through and then figure out where the other hole needed to be made.  Then once done slip the wire through holes made in the covering and iron it to the wing.

On each end of the wing where the covering is folded over additional cuts were required to get a better look.

Building Seamaster Day 26: Sanding Paste

Sanded paste where balsa blocks meet fuse

On Aug 5th I did a fair bit of sanding touch ups on the wing, ailerons and fuselage.  This included sanding paste where balsa blocks meet the fuselage, seen above.  As well as some careful sanding of the paste on the trailing edge sheet and ailerons, seen below:

Ailerons touched up
Ailerons touched up
Trailing Edge touch ups
Trailing Edge touch ups

Yes, I know these last few posts have not been all that detailed; however, due to circumstances I am months behind on posts and am taking today to catch up so I at least have some sort of track record of when I did what. 🙂

Building Seamaster Day 25: Balsa blocks, keel, etc.

Keel glued to bottom of fuselage

On May 27th I saw some of the work Peter had done on the aircraft and put in some of my own work.  Peter had the keel glued to bottom of fuselage, seen above as well as the balsa blocks for the engine mount in place and formed with paste applied to fill the gaps.  I just had to do some more sanding of the touch up paste applied to give a smoother transition.

Balsa Blocks Formed
Balsa Blocks Formed

I worked on making a template for where the servo cables for controlling the ailerons are going to come out of the wing, join and then connect within the fuselage.


Building Seamaster Day 23: Tail Fin

Bottom triangle stock sanded and formed at bottom of fin for aerodynamics

On May 12th I worked on the tail of the aircraft.  The first task was to sand and form/tapper the bottom triangle stock supporting the bottom of the tail fin and for aerodynamics, seen above.

The next task for the day was getting the triangle stock in place flush with the top of the fin to support the stab at a later date.  You can see a back and top view of this below:

Stabilizer triangle blocks glued
Stabilizer triangle blocks glued (back view)
Stabilizer triangle blocks glued (top view)
Stabilizer triangle blocks glued (top view)