Devin W.C. Ryan

Trailing Edge Covered

Building Seamaster Day 27: Covering Started!

I had another hiatus from building and finally got back to it again on Sept. 28th which debuted covering of the aircraft!  That’s right I have finally got to the point where I can start covering.  I am planning on following a similar color scheme as my previous aircraft.

This session saw the start of covering the wing, specifically the trailing edge in green, seen above.  This involved measuring and cutting a few pieces of covering and ironing it on to the trailing edge with some excess to fold over each edge.  In the middle where the metal wire is for the aileron controls required some extra ‘fiddling’ to get the covering to fit right as needed to make a hole in the covering, slide the wire through and then figure out where the other hole needed to be made.  Then once done slip the wire through holes made in the covering and iron it to the wing.

On each end of the wing where the covering is folded over additional cuts were required to get a better look.

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