Devin W.C. Ryan

Covered Wing Bolt Hole Area

Building Seamaster Day 29: Covering Wing Top & Aileron Tip

On Oct. 15th I started by covering the portion of the top of the wing around where the holes for the wing bolt down bolts are, seen above.  For simplicity I ran the yellow right to the trailing edge of the wing.  Once covered I cut out the fabric covering the holes.

After that I started covering the ailerons, specifically I just got a single tip of one of them done.  This is a very meticulous task due to all the angles.  On this one I folded the edges around to the flush surface, which I’m not please about so for the next 3 ends I plan to wrap the edges around and then fold down the bigger pieces onto the top and bottom of the aileron.

In order to do all the folding a lot of cuts are required for all the corners.  You can count them in the image.  Looking at making at least 5 cuts.  Sometimes an additional cut or two are required if one or two are off or the covering is being obstinate.

One End of Aileron Covered
One End of Aileron Covered

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