Devin W.C. Ryan

WC Assembly Front

Building Aero 3D Day 60: Wing Bottom Filler

Thursday, Peter brought over his epoxy and filler powder so I could mix up a batch and smoothen out the surfaces on the bottom of the wing.

First, finished sanding the W-ST-2’s to be as flush as we could to the W-SH-6 sheet. Then using a popsical stick I applied the filler thick and Peter smoothed it out with a plastic smoothing tool. This process was repeated multiple times to get the following key areas:

  • Sheets meet the bottom of the wing
  • W-ST-2s meet W-SH-6
  • Edges of WC where the W-SH-6 sheet and W-ST-2s should meet to smooth it out
  • Various other areas on the bottom of the wing to fix dips, etc.

You can see the majority in the image below and the WC portion in the featured image at the top. Next step will be to sand it out smooth.

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