Devin W.C. Ryan

W-ST-2s Glued & Pinned

Building Aero 3D Day 57: WC Aseembly “Sides”

Yesterday I got the the W-ST-2s that I previously made glued and pinned as part of the WC assembly. For this I needed to make sure they sat flush on top of the WE’s (outer pieces of the assembly) and fully covered the angled WC.

To improve the fit I sanded off some of the sides of W-SH-6 at a bit of an angle to get a tighter fit. Wood glue was then applied along the edges, on top fo the WE’s, and in the appropriate spots, including excess on the sides, of the W-ST-2s. Better bonding experience when all pieces that are part of the “gluing experience” contain glue.

Doing one at a time, ensuring everything was in place, started pinning from the back of the wing towards the front, verifying the W-ST-2 remained in place.

You can see how I left things to dry in the featured image above.

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