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W-SH-6 & W-ST-2s Stagged In Position

Building Aero 3D Day 55: WC Assembly Pieces

Sunday, I continued work on the WC assembly building upon Saturdays success. I started by building the other W-ST-2 (top in image below), which invovled going through the same process as in the previous post and then moved on to the 3/32” balsa sheeting piece W-SH-6.

This piece is 33/16” wide by 83/8” long. I started by cutting the 4″ wide balsa sheet to length and then marking the center at each of the 4″ ends. Next, using the center line at one end I marked lines to either side centering the center mark on a 33/16” wide section… a little over sized. Then I took a ruler and drew a line from the outer edge to the marked line, repeated for the other side. This gave me a line at the angle required which I then cut off leaving me with W-SH-6, seen in the middle in the image below.

W-SH-6 & W-ST-2s Prepped
W-SH-6 & W-ST-2s Prepped

In the featured image above, you can see how these pieces are going to come together on the wing. After I finish of the center sheeting, getting the holes and tubes in, things will start getting glued into place.

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