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First Rounded Edge

Building Aero 3D Day 54: Figuring Out WC Assembly

Saturday, I experiemented with how to build the rounded edge (W-ST-2s) pieces for the WC assembly… which is what I’m calling the group of pieces that congregate around the bolt hole openings on the bottom of the wing.

The key to the rounding appeared to be sanding without taking off the corners of the 1″x1/4”  balsa material with a planer. I started by marking the length of the piece at 81/2” (83/8” finished) and placing it in my vise on my workbench extending out towards me. Using a piece of coarse grit sandpaper I held it ’rounded’ over the near end and started sanding side to side working my way along the balsa piece up to the marking I made. I continued this until the ‘smooth’ part in the middle was almost rounded. Then switching to a finner grit piece of sandpaper I went over the whole thing again.

Next, I placed it on the wing and used a scrap piece of 3/32” balsa to push up against it and marked where the top is on the W-ST-2 piece. I then made a line a little higher then that and using a belt sander I sanded down to the line to get the slope to start coming into play.

Peter figures from here, once everything is glued into place, the final sanding can be done to make the piece level with the balsa sheeting (W-SH-6) that goes over top of the assembly.

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