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Building Aero 3D Day 44: Rib Caps & Sheeting Glued

Rib Caps & Mid Sheet Glued

Yesterday, after work I went straight to the workshop as I wanted to get my previously cut and sanded rib caps and W-SH-3 sheet (middle section) glued.

As typical, I used wood glue and after marking the mid-sections on any previously missed rib caps I applied glue to the top of the ribs and along the edge of the sheeting as well as the caps themselves prior to putting them in place. I then used weights where necessary to keep the sheeting down, especially on the two W-SH-5s.

In the case of the remaning outter rib cap I used a damp cloth to wet the balsa piece so that it would form to the shape of the rib better since it was of stiffer material (for some reason) and in a more precarious position since I was gluing it on the outer edge, instead of centering like the others.

Prior to gluing the middle section I added some supports, like I did for the other pieces of sheeting, both sides, providing additional support as there isn’t much to glue to otherwise. I used scrap 3/32” basla pieces and glued approx. half, using medium CA, under the pre-existing sheets. Seen in the image below.

Once that was done I switched back to wood glue, applying to the supports, edges and ribs prior to putting the sheet in place. You can see the state in which I left everything, weighted and otherwise in the featured image above.

Building Aero 3D Day 36: Trailing Edge Trim & Bottom Sheeting

Trimmed Trailing Edge

Yesterday Peter came over and we got to looking at the ‘instructions’ again. It appears the top and bottom sheets go right to the trailing edge along the ribs and then a cap goes right along the back.

Because of that I started cutting off the excess WKA/WKB that has been hanging around incrementally using my utility knife. You can see the trailing edge in the featured image above and notice that the process isn’t completed. We kept a piece of 3/32” balsa up against the excess edge as a guide. Once I reached that point we stopped the process this session. Once we are confident in the configuration, Peter is going to bring W-TE-1 ( 1/4”x 3/8” balsa piece) so we can determine how everything is going to come together before proceeding with the trailing edge.

That didn’t stop us from making more progress as we moved on to the bottom of the wing. Peter cut out some more ‘sheet glue supports‘ from balsa and marked the center lines. I then used medium CA to glue them under the leading edge sheet between each rib.

I then cut out a piece of 3/32”, 4″ wide”, balsa similar to the peice on the top of the wing in length and curves. Using wood glue I applied it to the glue supports, ribs (previously marked how far back) and along lines Peter marked on the bottom of the sheet that’ll make contact with the ribs.

The sheet was pinned in place and weights placed on top while the glue dries. This wrapped up another session!

Building Aero 3D Day 35: Wing Top Sheeted

Top of Wing Sheeted

Wednesday we completed Step 4 of the wing instructions (minus cutting flush the trailing edge). Peter brought all the W-SH-5’s & W-SH-4’s he cut at home out of 3/32” balsa a bit longer then required.

I lined one of the pieces up on a rib, marked how much needed to be sanded off one end and then sanded them down to fit. Once I had them all sanded I marked the center of the rib on the top and bottom sheets so that while gluing we had a reference point to center the ‘rib caps’ on the top of the ribs.

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