Devin W.C. Ryan

Rib Caps & Mid Sheet Glued

Building Aero 3D Day 44: Rib Caps & Sheeting Glued

Yesterday, after work I went straight to the workshop as I wanted to get my previously cut and sanded rib caps and W-SH-3 sheet (middle section) glued.

As typical, I used wood glue and after marking the mid-sections on any previously missed rib caps I applied glue to the top of the ribs and along the edge of the sheeting as well as the caps themselves prior to putting them in place. I then used weights where necessary to keep the sheeting down, especially on the two W-SH-5s.

In the case of the remaning outter rib cap I used a damp cloth to wet the balsa piece so that it would form to the shape of the rib better since it was of stiffer material (for some reason) and in a more precarious position since I was gluing it on the outer edge, instead of centering like the others.

Prior to gluing the middle section I added some supports, like I did for the other pieces of sheeting, both sides, providing additional support as there isn’t much to glue to otherwise. I used scrap 3/32” basla pieces and glued approx. half, using medium CA, under the pre-existing sheets. Seen in the image below.

Once that was done I switched back to wood glue, applying to the supports, edges and ribs prior to putting the sheet in place. You can see the state in which I left everything, weighted and otherwise in the featured image above.

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