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Wing Bottom

Building Aero 3D Day 45: Wing Tips & Pictures

Yesterday, made more progress on the aircraft started by sanding the trailing edge keeping my sanding block at the same angle as the sheeting along the ribs to try and get some slipstreaming going. Though the instructions suck, I believe that is what I was suppose to do to compelete Step 5 of the Wing section.

After that I prepped the ends of the wing by trimming any excess sheeting remaining and then sanding all the sheeting flush with the outter rib. I also removed any major excess glue gobs. Yes, I know you can still see where there is glue on the ribs in the images below, but non-intrusive to the next steps. I also marked a ‘+’ in ink for all the hinge locations, centered horizontally & vertically. I then know where the center point of all the blocks I put in will be, if the pencil markings indicating the outter edges of each block fade (sample seen in bottom image).

You can see in the featured image above how there is a gap in the rib caps where the servos are going to go. Eventually I will make a hatch cover and mounting points to complete the look. To get over some uncertainy I was experiencing I emailed pictures to Peter to go over things. Basically, it all looks great and we can fix any wobbles or issues where the sheeting and edges meet, if there are any. Satisfied, I continued along.

I cut out all the filler pieces in the wing tips (WT1 ply pieces) followed by trial fitting them into the ends of the wings, figuring out how I’m going to secure them while the glue dries. I marked on the wing tips where glue will need to be applied.

Next, I used wood glue along the inner edge of WT1 and on the top and bottom of the tabs that insert into the outter rib. I then inserted the wing tip into the rib and using a square ensured the wing tip was at a right angle to the outter rib as I clamped the back in place as well as used supports at the front to ensure the tips didn’t sag while drying.

Before the end of the session I went along the wing tips with my square to ensure everything from front to back was still square with the outter rib.

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