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Warping of Fuselage Discovered

Building Seamaster Day 9: Fuselage Woes + L Wing

On March 6th not a whole lot of progress was made and some backtracking and discussion occurred.  Discovered that the fuselage had warped.  Looking down the fuse you could see that at the tail it curved inwards instead of ‘straight’ back and at the nose it was not curving properly either.   This lead to much discussion about how to fix this, which due to time I left in the hands of John & Peter.

The next session Peter informed me of what he’d done to start fixing it.  He built a contraption to hold the fuselage in place after steaming it to make the wood malleable.

The only other thing I got done this day was a start on the L wing panel, seen below.  I pinned the main and rear spars in place on the plans along with the cutting and pinning the bottom trailing edge in place.  I then went to work on cutting and sanding the sheeting for the wing.  This went way more painfully then I care to admit as I had to start over a couple times due to over sanding (the first time by quite a bit and the second time by just enough such that the sheet wouldn’t work).  There were also a couple times at the beginning where I didn’t measure right and thus cut it to short.  I was clearly tired this day as I measure 2 or 3 times before I cut, but I was measuring consistently wrong, oi.  I eventually got my 1/4, 1/8th,  & 1/16th of an inch sorted out and got the sheets to the right size and glued into place.  What you see in the image below are the sheets glued and weighted down for drying.

L Wing Panel Started
L Wing Panel Started


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