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Main Spar & Trailing Edge Glued

Building Seamaster Day 10: Fuse Nose + Wing Panel

Well, do to life’s circumstances I have gotten very far behind on my blog posts for this project.  I’ve gotten married, bought a house, done a lot of painting and packing, moved into said house and have done a lot of unpacking and organising.  This meant that over the course of the Winter and Spring I haven’t been working on my aircraft as much as I would have normally and also started work on the aircraft a lot later than normal too.  So lets start by getting caught up on posts, even if due to the time lag they are not as high quality as they should be…

On March 14th I worked on the fuselage and the wing.  Seen in the picture above I glued the main spar for one of the wing panels in place and used a piece of wood I waited down on the trailing edges of the ribs to help ensure the ribs stayed at the correct angle while the glue dried.  I made sure there was excess wood on each side of the spar, which we can trim off at a later date, to make it easier to fit and adjust later.

Seen below we braced the front former’s in place and steamed the wood to do our best to get the wood to curve to the nose.

Unfortunately, since I know how all this goes, the fuse didn’t turn out as well as I would have liked; however, I’ve been informed it should still be flyable.  Stay tuned to find out what exactly I mean!

Steaming the front of the fuse to work in the curve to the nose
Steaming the front of the fuse to work in the curve to the nose


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