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Center Bottom Section Installed

Building Seamaster Day 7: F1 Former & Mid-Bottom Sheet

On Feb. 28th I continued work on the fuselage and unfortunately didn’t discover an issue that will come to light during an upcoming session.  Perhaps it hadn’t fully presented itself at this time, or perhaps I was just oblivious.  Either way this day was about continuing work on the fuselage.

To reinforce the nose of the aircraft a second F1 former needed to be attached.  This was the first task that required to do some light sanding to remove the laser burn marks and then applying glue to the side edges as well as covering the back surface with glue to ensure all surfaces that will be in contact with wood will have been glued down.  I then clamped this into place for it to dry, seen below.

2nd Former F1 Installed
2nd Former F1 Installed

The other task for the day was getting the middle section of the bottom glued in place, seen in the top piece is oversized.  I still had to make sure I got the sheet in the correct place as there were spots where not much overlap was present no matter the positioning of the piece.  I sanded the front edge of the piece that buts up against the fuselage. There was no need to sand the other edges as no wood would be touching and in the case of the two sides it’ll be sanded down once the glue dries.

To complete the day I got the piece I. Place and traced with a pencil along the fuselage to mark the sheeting, knowing the glue would have to go along the inside of that line. Peter than applied glue on the sheeting while I applied glue along the edges of the fuselage and back of the former the front edge of the sheeting buts up to.

We then clamped the sheeting in place to hold it while it dries. Had to get clever with clamping the former to the front edge of the sheeting as no clamps were long enough. We used a clamp as an intermediary to place our other clamps on.

That wraps up another building evening.

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