Devin W.C. Ryan

Formers F1-F3 Installed

Building Seamaster Day 6: Front Formers + Wings Beginning

On Feb. 27th worked on the fuselage and started the wing!  It was at this point I really felt like progress was heating up 🙂

One of the tasks for the evening, now that the front of the aircraft is shaped and dried was to install the front formers (F3 to F1, that’s the order of installation).  You want the bigger one, that is further back on the fuse, installed first as that starts bringing the sides together and helps ensure a proper shape.

Then proceeded to start work on the wing, specifically the right wing panel.  For this needed to get the trailing edge cut and Peter already had the spruce rear spar made (smaller rectangular piece of wood).  Once that along with the main spar were pinned securely in place, ensuring some overlap on both sides I cut the balsa sheeting to size such that it fits snug between the main spar and rear spar as well as between the rear spar and trailing edge sheet.

Wing Center Sheeting
Wing Center Sheeting

That was as far as I could get this day.

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