Devin W.C. Ryan

Covering Fuselage Front

Building Seamaster Day 53: Covering Sides & Tubing

On March 12th I completed the covering of the sides of the aircraft in white. This involved cutting some over-sized white covering for each side and ironing it on, again about a quarter inch over the exiting covering. Started with lining up the straight edge with the edge of the black paint on the nose to give a cleaner looking finish.

Once ironed, trimmed the excess to be flush with the top and bottom.

Since this is an aircraft for the water need to ensure anywhere water can get in is sealed. To facilitate this for the control wire that is going to work the elevator tubing was run from within the fuselage up the leading edge of the fin and towards the back of the stabilizer. This process has not been completed yet… stay tuned!

Elevator Control Tube
Elevator Control Tube

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