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Covered control wire guide and stab trailing edge

Building Seamaster Day 37 & 38: Tail Covering Started

On Nov 17th I finished covering the wing and started covering the tail of the aircraft.  You can see in the image below that I covered the seems (joints) along where the triangle stock is in place helping support the stab to the fin.  I do the seems first to help keep fuel, etc. from getting in and eating away at the glue, damaging the wood, etc.  I also try and do it strategically to limit the places where air can get under the covering and peel it away.

Covering Joints & Trailing Edges
Covering Joints & Trailing Edges

Once the joints were covered I wrap the excess around the leading edge, see aforementioned point about air movement and then trim it from the trailing edge since this has already been covered.

Covering Joints, Fin to Stab
Covering Joints (Fin to Stab)

You can see the in feature image of the post that I have started covering the stabilizer.  I focused on the convex curves this day (Nov. 18th).  This is slow meticulous work as it involves a lot of tiny cuts of the covering along the curves so that you can get it all covered and limit (in an ideal world eliminate, lol) the wrinkling of the covering.  I did the outer edges in orange to match the bottom and I did the convex curve on the top of the stab (which will be for the control wire to fasten to and flow over for controlling the elevator) in yellow to match the top.  Top and bottom of the stabilizer are going to match the top/bottom of the wing.

Top Left Wing Panel Covered
Top Left Wing Panel Covered

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