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WF and WGs Glued

Building Aero 3D Day 47: Wing Tip & WF Assembly

Today, I put in a couple of sessions. This morning after waking up I went straight to my workshop and worked on the other wing tip. I got the WT2, WT3 & WT4 pieces (one top and one bottom) glued in place. I needed to do the supports for some of them again as they were a bit short. I don’t know if this was the best option; however, it is what I decided to do and will have to see how it all works out. I also lightly sanded the outter rib cap as where it tipped inward a bit it wasn’t flush with the sheeting at the top and leading edge.

I first marked where each piece on the top was going to go and then starting with WT2 applied glue and pinned in place, using a square to make sure they are perpendicular with WT1 (the wing tip itself). Then crouching I did the underside WT2 as well. I followed this same process for WT3 & WT4 pieces. Not wanting to disturb anything while the glue set I breaked for the morning. You can see the result in the very bottom image below.

Next, I moved on to the top of the wing, after having a conversation with Peter about the WF and WC assemblies, and glued the previously built WF & WGs in place. For this, like the WT2-4 pieces I used wood glue after marking the center of WF and the center between the two dowels to ensure I glued the assembly centered on the wing.

Even though I started with wood glue I couldn’t figure out a way, as my original thoughts didn’t pan out, to get everything weighted and sitting properly as things kept sliding so I tweaked the formula a bit and also applied some medium CA along the inside seams where WF & WGs make contact with the wing. You can see the weighted, glue drying, situation below in the top two images and the final result in the featured image above.

After completing the front I need to build the WC (with WEs & WDs) assembly and through my conversation with Peter believe I need to test placing the wing in the fuselage to determine how the WC needs to be angled… based on the pieces I believe it is outward away from the wing; however, want to see if I trial run will confirm this.

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