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Trailing Edge Build-Up: Close-Up

Building Aero 3D Day 39: Trailing Edge Work

Sunday, I couldn’t take not building anymore so I went rogue and got back to work on my aircraft. I started prepping the back of the wing so I could add W-TE-1.

First I was thinking about the trailing edge and looked at making the W-TE-2 pieces. For this I took a piece of 3/32“, 4” wide, balsa sheeting and cut it in half, measuring 2 inches along the sheeting. Unfortunately my cut wasn’t perfect as I learn to do things on my own, the sheet shifted and thus not a perfectly cut in half piece. This is where a bandsaw would come in handy :). When I go to put it in place I will see if it will still work or not.

Fixing my overzealous sanding involved using some shavings from where I cut the back down. I sanded pieces to fit into gouged out places. I then used wood glue to glue them in place, pinned on each end and clamped in the middle.

You can see a close-up of this in the featured image above and the general locations for the 4 touch-ups in the image below.

That wrapped up this session. I didn’t want to do to much as I was still uncertain exactly how best to approach the rest; however, check out my next post coming as I did have an “epiphany” that night while sleeping. 🙂

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