Devin W.C. Ryan

Servo Wire Hole Drilled

Building Aero 3D Day 38: Trailing Edge

Wednesday, Peter came over and we made some more progress. Could only do a little bit as the trailing edge is required to continue.

First, using a forstner drill bit, I drilled a hole into the top center of the wing. Peter held a piece of ply behind to help prevent the balsa sheeting from splintering while I drilled. This hole is where the servo leads (likely a Y extension) will come up through and into the fuselage to connect with the receiver.

Once that was done we determined the length of the trailing edge, which needs to be made out of two pieces, insuring some excess. Allowing for 3 inches of overlap I cut the excess off of one piece to make it more manageable to work with and then:

  • Marked 3 inches from each end of the scarf
  • Drew a line along the diagonal of the wider side of one
  • Marked side to be sanded
  • Determined how the diagonal line needed to be drawn on the other and which side marked to
  • Ensure pieces would fit together, one on top of the other
  • Sanded down to the line testing the fit along the way
  • Using 30 minute epoxy I glued the two pieces together
  • Placed a pin in each end and clamped to dry

You can see the final scarf joint clamped together and left to dry in the image below.

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing I’m not sure when our next session is going to be.

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