Devin W.C. Ryan

Sanding & Hinge Supports

Building Aero 3D Day 37: Hinge Supports

Sunday, Peter & I did some more work along the trailing edge of the wing. I started by continuing where we left off cutting down the trailing edge. I took a few more passes with the utility knife and then moved on to using a sanding block to get it flush with the back tip of the ribs. I did my best to ensure I didn’t nick the ribs in the process, but unfortunately I’m not perfect and you can see some light patches where I brushed against them with the sand paper.

Once that was done we brought the ailerons out to aid in figuring out the hinge locations. Decided to do 5 per aileron. We placed the wing tips (WT-1) on to ensure the ailerons were in the correct position, also using the previously labelled leading and trailing edges to make sure we had them on the correct sides. Essentially in the images where you see a clamp is where a hinge is going to be.

After determining the locations I cut ten 2″ pieces of 1/4”x 1/4” balsa stringers to provide additional support for the hinges to anchor into on the wing. Wood glue was then used to glue the pieces into place. The pieces were pinned and clamped into place while the glue dried.

You can see a close up in the image below and the entire wing in the featured image above.

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