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Wing Saddle Sanding

Building Aero 3D Day 18: Fin, Rudder & Fuselage

Today I made some more progress on my Aero 3D. I started with the gluing portion which focused on the fin and rudder. The result seen in the image below.

I had everything laid out from last session so I started with the fin and glued all the pieces together. I actually missed the cross-brace somehow as I moved pieces to glue so I ended coming back at the end of everything to put it into place (not the most efficient usage of glue). For the bottom of the fin I glued some filler between the piece I previously broke (the notch for the cross brace in the bottom piece) and the trailing edge.

Next I moved onto gluing the rudder starting with the leading edge into the bottom of R2. I then glued the ‘bottom’ horizontal piece that is level with the bottom fo the fin. From there I glued things top to bottom. The three ‘braces’ and then R3 followed by the piece making up the angled bottom of the rudder.

Fin & Rudder Gluing
Fin & Rudder Gluing

Once that was all done I did a lot more sanding on the wing saddle of the fuselage. Getting both sides to the same point. Which is to smooth from the front to the point where I need to angle up across the slot. I did cut some away and start work on that; however, I am not done yet and hoping when Peter sees it I haven’t made any mistakes (that is taken to much off). The only thing I’ve noticed so far is that at one point on the wing saddle the basla side sheeting has dipped a bit lower than the doubler.

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