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Top trailing edge covered

Building 4 Star 60 Day 27: Visitors & Covering

Tuesday was all about covering and a special visitor.  Stephanie stopped by to check out what I’ve been up to.  Even though she has been seeing the pictures/posts along the way I believe she gained a better appreciation of what’s involved and how the plane looks (especially the size of the aircraft).  Stephanie also helped me decide on the color scheme.  Settled on going orange on the bottom and yellow on top.  This will follow for the whole plane.

After checking out what I’ve been working on Steph and Peter headed upstairs to chat with while I was left to my own devices.   This evening I got the rest of the trailing edge covered (top & bottom, pic at the top and bottom respectively).  Covering is slow and steady work.

Steph came and checked my progress before leaving and later John stopped by to check things out as well as drop off some hardware.

Once I finished covering the trailing edge we had a gab session before I headed out.  This post is short and sweet and will be the last one until the new year.

Bottom Trailing Edge Covered
Bottom Trailing Edge Covered

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