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Website Housekeeping: TablePress & Huge IT Portfolio

I think I have finally managed to get some serious website maintenance and cleanup done so I can move forward with confidence.   The tasks that I have performed over the last little while includes:

  • Full backup of my domain
  • Backup of my MySQL database for
  • Deleting 2 Huge IT Portfolio Plugin tables from the database (the plugin itself I deleted a ways back)
  • Deleting 2 Unused Plugins (Aeolus Creative Portfolio and Hello Dolly)
  • Upgrading WordPress version (always trying to keep up to date for security reasons)
  • TablePress plugin update failed putting my site into maintenance mode, had to rename folder and install fresh (thankfully tables embedded into posts so they remained! 🙂 )
  • Using WP-Sweep to clean up unused, orphaned and duplicated data as well as to optimize my database tables (especially for removing old revisions of posts to try and speed things up)

I’ve used WP-Sweep once before and today was my second.  I still have one unused plug, Waving Portfolio, remaining.  I recall having issues with the plugin but am still in the hunt for how to do up my portfolio which leads me to the outstanding items on my website:

  • Update to latest version of Quark Theme… will happen soon now that I have backed up and cleaned up a fair bit, including backing up the Quark Theme folder specifically encase I loose my customizations (I should probably read up and potentially do a proper Child Theme)
  • Complete my homepage, still not sure what I want to do for the body
  • Investigate Portfolio option (quark gallery format and some manual maintenance on a portfolio page?)

This is always on going and though it may cause a little stress at times when things break as a whole I love it and enjoy the challenge which is why I need to try and get cracking on some personal project ideas of my own.

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