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Building Aero 3D Day 24: Leading Edge Glued

Trimmed End Closeup

Yesterday I did a little work on the wing myself. I trimmed off the excess of the remaining spar we glued in the previous session and then did some intial sanding of all the spar ends. The one end can be seen in the picture above.

Today Peter and I glued the leading edge onto the front end of the ribs. Since the leading edge didn’t seem to be properly provided within the kit Peter kindly made it in his shop for me out of 1/4” x 17/8” balsa. This needed a joint in it as well due to the length, a bit oversided on each end as well. Peter scored in the center line, to be used to center it on the leading edge vertically.

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Building Aero 3D Day 23: Bottom Spar Glued

Spars Cut and Bottom Spar Glued

Yesterday we started by sawing off the main excess for the three spars glued into place during the last session. We then flipped the wing over.

From here I we used medium CA to glue the 1/4” x 3/8” hardwood cut to 11/2” length pieces into the bottom slot of each set of W2 ribs to complete the mounting location for the aileron servos within the wing. You can see the idea in the picture of one of them below:

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Building Aero 3D Day 22: Top Spars Glued

Main Spar & Spar Glued Weighted to dry

On January 29th we started with getting in the two W-HW-1, 1/4” x 3/8” hardwood cut to 11/2” length in place that slide through the rectangular openings in the W2 ribs. These are the two ribs that sit close together, one on each end of the wing, where the servos will eventually go. These were glued into place using medium CA, placing glue along the outside and inside where the hardwood and rib meet.

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