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Spars Cut and Bottom Spar Glued

Building Aero 3D Day 23: Bottom Spar Glued

Yesterday we started by sawing off the main excess for the three spars glued into place during the last session. We then flipped the wing over.

From here I we used medium CA to glue the 1/4” x 3/8” hardwood cut to 11/2” length pieces into the bottom slot of each set of W2 ribs to complete the mounting location for the aileron servos within the wing. You can see the idea in the picture of one of them below:

Servo Mounts Glued In Place
Servo Mounts Glued In Place

Once the glue set moved on to the remaing spar. We followed the same procedure as before. Since the gussets (scarf joint location) crossed over a rib we first marked a line on the spar to be seated into the rib. I then sanded, trial fitting along the way, until I got the spar to sit nicely into the ribs.

After applying wood glue within the slot on each spar, using the pencil marking, placed the spar into the slots on the rib and clamped the spar in place. Do not want to squeeze to hard as you’ll crack the rib. We placed a clamp at each rib location.

Before Peter left we looked ahead a bit to figure out the leading edge. Peter is going to cut a piece we think we can use as one solid leading edge. More to come later. We were then done for another day. The next joint session isn’t likely to be until Friday or Saturday. I am hoping to get this spar trimmed and all of them sanded flush with the outter ribs before then in prepartion for next steps.

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