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Kenora Aeromodelers Club Introduction

When I was home the weekend before last I decided it was time to get in touch with my local R/C (Remote Control) flying club since I’m now finally in a position that I can take up a hobby I have been wanting to try and get into for years.  Since the weather didn’t cooperate this past Friday I met Peter (he responded to my email to the club) at King George school.

Our meeting started with introductions to the various members that were present followed by going over some flying/club rules, like taking turns and how to rotate turns while in doors as well as out on the field.  I also went over the radio and how best to hold it, which is such that your hand controlling the stick for ‘steering’ (rudder only in this case) such that you are controlling it with two fingers, your thumb and pointer finger, and can reach the top controls with your other fingers.  Should have taken a picture but I didn’t think to, lol.  For radios the club likes to use Spektrum and Airtronics.

ParkZone Night Vapor
ParkZone Night Vapor

I got to fly a ParkZone Night Vapor around the gym.  I started by taking over once the plane was in the air, flying counter-clockwise circles around the gym taking up as much area as I could.  I eventually got braver and threw in a figure eight or two.   I did have a crash or two where I ended up in a wall, but overall the instructor was impressed by how quickly I picked it up.  I was taking the aircraft off and eventually flying clockwise around the gym to mix it up, which after becoming so comfortable with the other way threw me off a little at first.  The key points I need to remember are:

  • Keep plane in sight (OK fairly obvious)
  • Do not fly over top of my head (or any ones for that mater)
  • Kill the power if you crash (it’s inevitable I suppose and protects as much of the plane as you can)
  • Avoid helicopters as they’ll shred the plane

I was there for a few hours and really enjoyed my first time out with the club here in Kenora.  I am looking forward to getting to the airfield (outdoors) and flying a gas powered trainer once I’m back from vacation in NL.

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