Devin W.C. Ryan

Sig Kadet LT 40

First flight at the Kenora airfield

Wednesday I finally got out to the Kenora airfield to try my hands with a gas powered trainer.  I got up for a couple flights.  I was on the buddy box while Peter held the master control as I flew counter-clockwise around the perimeter of the flying field.   I did really well for my first time out as not once did Peter have to take control of the aircraft due to a misstep on my part.  I was able to keep the plane at a constant altitude.  One key thing to remember is that as your turning you also need to pull back on the stick a bit too in order to give the aircraft lift as while banking in turns the plane will want to nose down and descend, which you do not want.

I haven’t taken off the aircraft yet; but in talking with Peter one thing I need to remember is that after lift off need to level out the plane a bit (don’t just try to climb and turn right away) to gain some airspeed before climbing and banking to ensure I have enough airspeed to continue the climb instead of stalling and loosing lift sending the aircraft back to earth (what you don’t want, lol).

Flying was a lot of fun and I am excited to get out again.

Holding Sig Kadet LT40
Holding Sig Kadet LT40 that I am learning to fly on.

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