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Building Seamaster Day 66: Electronics Test

On July 8th did a test of the electronics system. This involved hooking up the receiver and connecting all the servors for the control surfaces into the receiver along with a battery into the auxilary input.

I had already bound my transmitter; however, this time around it appeared there was no bind, so ended up binding the transmitter to the receiver again for the ‘Seamaster’ model saved in my transmitter.

Going through all the controls (throttle, rudder, elevator & ailerons) I made sure they had full range and were moving in the intended direction with input from the transmitter. This was not always the case and required me to remove the linkage on the rudder servo to center the rudder to allow full range left and right. The other tweaks were on the transmitter reversing the servo where necessary… that is when applying left the control surface was going right and vise versa, which is not what you want, lol.

Electronics Test
Electronics Test

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