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Fuel Tank Assembled

Building Seamaster Day 58 & 59: Painting

April 28th, I painted the pylon and applied the base coat to the fiberglass cassing. I then went with yellow paint for the pylon to match the top color of the aircraft (wings and stab are yellow on top).

Pylon Base Painted
Pylon Base Painted

May 1st, I mixed up a batch of epoxy and attached the throttle servo assembly previously made to the pylon, using clamps to hold it in place while the glue set.

I then spray painted the fiberglass cassing it’s first coat of green paint. Prior to painting a piece of frog tape was wrapped around (darker green in the image below) so that after an appropriate amount of coats have been applied and the paint has dried the tape can be removed providing a white stripe to accentuate the piece.

The green was spray painted on so the encasing was placed over a ‘stick’ and clamped in a vise which was placed inside a cardboard box (with the one side cut out) to contain the paint. Rotating using the vise, periodically, to achieve an even finish… roughly 🙂

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