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Nose Sculpting and Gluing

Building Seamaster Day 17: Floats to Nose

On April 18th I worked on the floats and got a hard piece of wood glued to the back of the floats which will be used for screwing to the bottom of the wing, holding the back in place.  There will also be a screw going through the front of the float as well.

Plate for attaching back of float to wing
Plate for attaching back of float to wing

As seen in the top pic I glued the nose to the front of the aircraft.  It is nowhere near done yet.  This started with a square piece of wood that I templated and then cut down to size as best I could using a table jigsaw and perhaps even some sanding at this point with the knowledge that I lot more sanding was on the horizon!  The piece was then glued to the flat nose of the fuselage and clamped into place while it dries for next time.

John mentioned something yesterday in that his needed a lot of counter weight and that it would be good to hollow out the nose so that weights could be attached in there.  To late for that now, so will be interesting to see what happens when it comes time to do the final balance of the aircraft.

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