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Water Deflector Top

Building Seamaster: Completed

My second build is officially under my belt as my Seamaster is completed! I’ve finally got around to taking the pictures and completing my posts to wrap it up.

I guess one could argue that one last step to fully complete the process is still hanging out there, which is the maiden flight! Hopefully I will be able to do this during next years flying season!

Water Deflector Bottom
Water Deflector Bottom

Installing the rubber to deflect the water away from the opening into the fuselage where the wing is bolted to the fuselage was the last & final step. You can see it from the top and bottom view in the images above.

Below you can see a side view and a top view of the aircraft. This is what the final product looks like with the wing bolted to the fuselage.

Wow, hard to believe that I have wrapped up my second build! If you are interested in seeing the entire build from start to finish in chronological order you can here.

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