Devin W.C. Ryan

Building Aero 3D Day 26: Sanding & Dowels

On Feb. 16th we started by cleaning up some previous tasks which involved:

  • Cutting off the excess from both ends for the leading edge
  • Sanding the ends of the leading edge and all spars to be flush with the side of the outer rib

As a sample you can see how the ends looked afterword in the far right image below.

Next, we sanded the main spar (top one and bottom one) to remove any excess glue or edges where the shear web might be sticking up until there was a smooth finish to, hopefully, give the covering a better look and allow the covering to stick better. This is where some upfront sanding can save grief in the long run.

Once that was done I cut the provided dowl into 41/2” lengths and used Peter’s disc sander to point one end for each. This is the end (seen in the left image above) that will slide into the fuselage when installing the wing and will make it easier to get in through the round hole.

After sliding the dowels into place I used medium CA to glue it into place. I place glue around the back and front of where the dowel comes through WA and only the back of WB as didn’t want any glue on the front of the leading edge.

That wrapped up the second session of our long weekend building extravaganza! 😛

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