Devin W.C. Ryan

Transition to Quark Theme

I have been working with the Revera theme for about 4 months now I have discovered that the theme does not work for me as well as I would have liked.  This is mostly due to the main page slider and needing a reasonably sized images, where ideally they are all the same to prevent annoying page movements, and since I’m not running a photo based blog the theme does not make sense for me.

I have been casually looking around for a replacement theme that contained a clean look, is responsive, and customizable.  I came across Quark and like how the theme is built upon HTML5 and CSS3 and according to some of the reviews the code isn’t bloated and the theme is easy to customize, which I am going to venture into over the next week.

I have already started some basic, but key, code level modifications by adding a modification of the default full page template to include one that does not allow for comments as I do not want to allow users to comment on pages.   The one thing this theme doesn’t have that I need is a portfolio section, which leads me into the key elements I need to complete to get this theme working for me:

  • Portfolio template to allow for a section to showcase my applications
  • Full page template without comments (done)
  • Front page and footer widget areas the theme allows you to set
  • Front page display in general
  • Logo for my website
    • Main logo with website name and potentially caption
    • Favicon

I think this theme has the potential to work nicely for me so long as a theme update does not break my code level customizations which at this point appears to be the addition of two new page templates.  I am going to do further reading on the theme to learn more about what Quark has to offer.  The theme does not allow you to bookmark posts based on the short links (with the ?p=#) so I may need to find a way to add that too, but just encase I made the modification now to change the permalink structure for blog posts to /blog/%postname%/, which unfortunately will break any current links that are not short links.

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