Devin W.C. Ryan

Fiber-glass Casing

Building Seamaster Day 61: Tank Fit & Power Switch

We were having an issue with getting the tank to fit in the fiber-glass housing along with some foam for protection to prevent it from raddling around.

On May 11th I did a trial fit of the tank, with the foam stuffed in, now that the engine is mounted, painted, etc. to make sure things were coming together as expected.

I also started prepping the switch I sanded off the piece of plastic that protrudes over the actual switch as well as drilled a hole into the switch itself due to how I need to rig it up and then cut out a rectangular piece of wood that will fit into the fuselage where I need the switch to be. I then measured where the center of the switch needed to be and cut out a hole about the dimensions of the switch back, sanding to finish the fit. I then put the switch through, back plate on the back, and screwed the two pieces together to secure the switch in place.


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