Devin W.C. Ryan

Building 4 Star 60 Day 8: Fuse Top and Bottom Front

Today’s building session was all about the bottom and a little time to sand the fibreglass wrap over the metal wire and wood for the one side where the elevator connected.

Once fibreglass was sanded down I turned my attention to the fuselage.  We started work on the table by looking at the landing gear plate, which Peter had already made as the one that came with the kit was to small to fit while Peters fit nice and snug!

Did a trial fit of the fuse top and bottom front.  Also found the basswood wing hold-down blocks which I figured out how they fit (paying attention to the one angled side) and then marked the two sides on each that required glue along with which was left/right.  Next I mixed the glue and  since I had already sanded the fuselage top once confident in its fit we applied glue and clamped everything into place.

The next step was to flip it over and glue in the wing hold-down blocks and clamped them into place as well.  You can see the two clamps holding these two pieces in place to the left of the curve for the wing in the pic below.

Fuselage Top and Bottom Front Installed
Fuselage Top and Bottom Front Installed

The last step for the day was gluing the fuse bottom front curved piece into place.  I Believe normally you’d wet it and then clamp it into place to allow the wood to dry and take on the curve.  Instead we worked the wood and glued it into place (after sanding and trial fitting) clamping along the way.   The very front was being stubborn and had to rig up some wood and use a spray bottle to wet the wood before applying some more glue and rigging up other pieces of wood we placed bottom and top, held in place with elastics (and little dab of glue of the top block) to allow the clamp to take hold and apply pressure in the right place.

At that point it was to risky to do anything else.  Originally we thought we’d start on the wing but didn’t want to risk bumping the fuselage.  Hoping to do a little more on the fuselage and start the wing tomorrow.

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