Devin W.C. Ryan

Building 4 Star 60 Day 14: All about the Wings

Today was a quick building session after the gym.  First I saw what Peter kindly did up for me which were the aileron servo lead tubes, one for each wing, and glued into place.

I started work by sanding down the excess overhang of the top and bottom forward spars on the L wing.  Once done I turned my attention to the R wing, seen in the pic above, where I glued the top forward spars into place after marking the half inch that needs to stick out past the one rib.

I then glued the diagonal wing braces into place.  John helped with getting the one to fit showing me a neat way to sand the one end to make sure it gets into the corner.  Also need to make sure all of them are flat the main spar will sit.

Next I glued the W1 rib into place making sure it had the required 2 degree angle by using the dual tool.  If my picture was better you’d see the clamp is holding where the leading edge is glued into the slot on the W1 rib.

W1 Rib with angle glued
W1 Rib with angle glued

I was clearly tired here after a Monday of work and going to the gym.  Didn’t start building until about 7 on an empty stomach!   That’s why it was a shorter night.  Did end up gabbing with Peter and John who stopped by for the session too. 🙂

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