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A Not So Takeoff Takeoff

Post Crash - Top Down

June 24th I got out flying, finally, after quite a hiatus due to inclement weather. The days events didn’t go as planned to say the least. The following is an account of what happened that day after I had some time to organize my thoughts and go over things in my head.

When I first arrived my engine woes continued… or perhaps more specifically to start it was prop/spinner woes. My previous time out the engine backfired and sent the prop, spinner, nutt & washer flying (without the aircraft! :S). On my 4 Star 60 at this time is the second hand engine I bought for my Aero 3D, the same as the original engine on this aircraft, a Saito 100. The original engine is awaiting a full diagnostic and a parts list to be ordered and replaced.

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