Devin W.C. Ryan

Balsa Leading Edge Molding

Building Aero 3D Day 61 – 63: Wing Work

Early last week Peter was over and we sanded the previous application of filler. Then thursday mixed up another batch of filler and did some, hopefully, final touch-ups in a short session preparing for covering. This included the leading edge touch up in the bottom image. In that image you can also see some wires, the smaller one with the ends bent in the same direction is the piece of wire for connecting the two elevators.

Today, seen in the featured image, we worked on the leading edge. For this cut a 4″ 3/32” balsa sheet in half (length wise) and then marked the center at the edges after cutting it length wise to fit from the edge of the WC assembly to the the end of the leading edge and repeated for the other sheet.

Next, I soaked the piece of balsa with hot water and pinned it in place while Peter folded it over and held it in place. Started by pinning down the center line and then the edges. Once that was done realized needed some additional help to keep the shape and duct taped it down. You can see how we left it to dry in the featured image above.

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