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Hi, I’m Devin Ryan an R/C pilot, software developer, lifelong learner and family man.

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Rudder Push Rod Slot

Building Aero3D Day 70 & 71: Push Rods and Rudder Hinges

Last Sunday Peter came over and we re-orientated ourself to my Aero 3D building project.  It has been a long time since last working on it!  After discovering where we left off we got the elevator push rod slot made and cut down to size (exciting to use my Dremmel).  Took quite a bit of
Me at Beauty Bay Golf Course

Beauty Bay Golf Course, 1st Time

On July 13th, I got out to Beauty Bay for the first time and golfed 18 holes with Jordan. I really enjoyed the course and look forward to golfing there again. The smoke from the forest fires around Northwestern Ontario really rolled in adding a different visibility element to the game. I’m usually one for
Push Rod Hooks Glued

Building Aero 3D Day 69: Push Rod & Elevator Linkage

On Nov. 11th made some more progress. Started with unboxing and getting 3 servos ready. For the two heavy duty control surfaces (elevator & rudder) using HiTech HS-645MG servos and for the throttle that doesn’t undergo the same amount of force a HiTech HS-425BB servo. For putting the control horns on figured out where each
Fuselage Reinforcement

Building Aero 3D Day 68: Where are we?

On November 5th, Peter dropped off my fuselage. At the previous session we noticed there was a twist from sitting for so long (uncompleted). In order to fix this, in the featured image, you can see where a support piece was put as well as balsa sheeting glued over the back of the fuselage to
Fin Glued Back Side

Building Aero 3D Day 67: Fin Glued

Yesterday, did some more work on the Aero 3D. In the previous session looked at how the fin would go on and discovered I previously chopped off a piece of the trailing edge that I shouldn’t have. I was wondering how the fin would remain stable on the fuselage and this was in part due
Horizontal Stabilizer Glued

Building Aero 3D Day 66: Horizontal Stabilizer

Yesterday got the horizontal stabilizer glued. This involved the following steps: Marking where the back of the stab resides on the fuselage when in the appropriate place Using measuring tapes from the trailing outter corners of the wing to the same corresponding place on each half of the stab Making sure to position is such


Currently building an Aero 3D aerobatic aircraft by Mr. AeroDesign, which has a 68 ⅛” wing span and a length of 61 5/16”


I’m a software developer residing in Keewatin, ON.  I have experience in developing custom solutions for SharePoint, mobile and Windows desktop.  I thrive on solving puzzles whether with software to improve business processes, building R/C airplanes or jigsaws.