Devin W.C. Ryan

Fuselage Reinforcement

Building Aero 3D Day 68: Where are we?

On November 5th, Peter dropped off my fuselage. At the previous session we noticed there was a twist from sitting for so long (uncompleted). In order to fix this, in the featured image, you can see where a support piece was put as well as balsa sheeting glued over the back of the fuselage to prevent movement.

Today Peter came over and we re-orientated ourselves to the project and determined what our next steps are. Following is a highlevel overview:

  • Elevator preporation
    • Goove elevator wire into the back of the stabilizer
    • Drill holes in elevators for the wire
    • Cover trailing edge of stabilizer
    • Cover elevator
    • Install hinges into the elevator
  • Rudder preporation
    • Make hinge slots
    • Shape leading edge
    • Final sanding
  • Fuselage preporation
    • Trim fuselage support (excess balsa you see running along the top of the fuselage)
    • Install servos (3)
    • Find exits for push rods
    • Z bend installation into carbonfibre push rods at the servo end
    • Add support beams for push rods
    • Install motor mount (which is side mounted)

Hopefully will get started on the above list Wednesday.

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