Devin W.C. Ryan

Horizontal Stabilizer Glued

Building Aero 3D Day 66: Horizontal Stabilizer

Yesterday got the horizontal stabilizer glued. This involved the following steps:

  • Marking where the back of the stab resides on the fuselage when in the appropriate place
  • Using measuring tapes from the trailing outter corners of the wing to the same corresponding place on each half of the stab
  • Making sure to position is such that the distance is equal
    • This took a lot of tweaking to get right… at one point wasn’t sure what was going on as things looked way out
  • Once satisfied with positioning traced fuselage on bottom of stab for glue placement
  • Mixed batch of glue
    • Applied to top of fuselage and bottom of stabilizer
  • Repositioned stabilizer, clamping leading edge into place and took measurements to ensure accuracy before clamping back into place
  • Verified positioning with measurements, eyeballing doesn’t cut it as decieving
  • Placed weights on top of the front of the fuselage to counter clamps

Satisified with how everything was, left it for the night to dry.

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