Hobbies are great. I think everyone needs to have a few hobbies that they enjoy doing whenever they can, even if it is just in their spare time. I enjoy activities that range from the very much sedentary end of the spectrum to the more active side of the spectrum. Presently my main hobbies include remote control (R/C) airplanesreading, runningcycling, and software development. Hobbies that I really enjoy but don’t partake in a couple times a week include playing golf and tennis. I also enjoy watching movies, most genres, and television which includes an array of shows.

Me with my first plane, Sig Kadet LT-40, Summer 2015
Me with my first plane, Sig Kadet LT-40
Summer 2015

R/C Airplanes
I was introduced to the world of remote control (R/C) airplanes by a fellow student one summer when working at the KPDSB. He was seriously looking into the hobby and I believe even purchased his first plane; this sparked something inside of me to learn more about the hobby. I contemplated buying my own almost-ready-to-fly (ARF) or even read-to-fly (RTF) plane but my student finances put the purchase outside of the realm of feasibility, especially when you consider the other accessories one would need and being realistic the cost of repairs upon any mishaps. Even still I did venture out to the Dryden Aero Modellers fields a couple times to check it out. Thanks to Bill Brisson, a member of the club, I was able to actually try flying a plane as I flew his big trainer… unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the plane, but it was a tail dragger, high wings, and a fair size… red too but that doesn’t really help. I checked out the flying club in Kenora during the Summer of 2015 and was finally able to get started and participate in the wonderful world of R/C Airplanes.  I’ve since experienced building aircrafts as well as flying them.  You can view my building exploits by checking out posts tagged building.

Running July 20th, 2014
Running July 20th, 2014

Running has been an interesting adventure for me, perhaps one which could be equated to a roller coaster ride. It started a few years back as I was quite overweight and running being one of the better options for losing weight I did what I could to run but found it extremely hard on me knees so my enthusiasm for running would fizzle. I eventually smartened up and started off with very short casual walks and working my way up to run-walks. I eventually got to the point where I was running continuously for short distance, as hard as it might have been. The only pitfall over the last couple years was that as school terms progressed and frigid Canadian winters set in frequent running was replaced by the occasional winter walk. My goal is to maintain over the winter with the plan of getting a treadmill to eliminate the factor of frigid winter days. The spring and summer of 2014 I really got back into running and seem to be really feeling these endorphins my father is always talking about kicking in such that I really want to get out and exercise, whether it is running or cycling.

Cycling is an activity that has always been more about a means of getting from point A to point B, especially as a young kid when I did not have my driver’s licence, and occasionally about fitness. I went a couple years without a bike since I sold my mountain bike, as great as it was, since I wasn’t riding trails like I use to and it was time to move to a more road worthy bike. The summer of 2014 was my re-entry into cycling; which has been awesome as it provides a nice compliment to my running. For my graduation I got a new bike, and decided to go with a cyclocross bike that would work well on the road (including the road bike style frame) but had heftier tires such that I didn’t have to worry all that much about the terrain. My 2013 Kona Jake the Snake has been serving me really well and is a great addition to my exercise regime.

Reading has always been a passion of mine. I am talking about the novel variety, even though I do enjoy reading science and technology articles as well. I have never been one to read during an academic term, which is no longer a concern of mine, and then would cram in as many books as I could throughout the summer and Christmas holidays. Some of my favorite authors to read are Clive Cussler, David Baldacci, Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton, Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, Steve Berry,  Jefferson Bass, and Dan Brown.

Software Development
The world of Information Technology (IT) functions as both a hobby and a career path for me. Though I have explored many avenues within IT software development is one of my favorite and the one that I pursue on a regular basis. I have done other interesting IT projects such as partaking in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) roll-out when I worked at the Keewatin-Patricia District School Board (KPDSB) and with my current position with the Northwestern Health Unit I’ve delved into the world of SharePoint, both of which includes some level of software development but with the company have done more on the app development side. You can follow my journey through various projects past and present in my blog where the plan is to write about various features being added, obstacles I had to overcome, what is contained in a release, and whatever else might come to mind.

Devin Golfing on July 17th, 2014 at Eagles Landing
Golfing at Eagles Landing in Dryden on July 17th, 2014

The game of golf, the most fun you can have while being frustrated. I don’t know, but maybe someone ‘famous’ coined that phrase as I’m not sure where I heard it first; however, based on my experience it certainly holds true. No matter how frustrating a round may be there always seems to be that one moment that makes all the frustrations dissipate. I started playing golf in gr. 9 when my best friend growing up, Johlen, got me into the game as he had already been playing for a while. Ever since I have been into the game and back in those days I had a membership at the Dryden Golf and Curling Club where I would get out multiple times in a week, loved it. Eventually my dad decided to take up golfing and it has become a great past time for us to share in some friendly competition. Right now though I am not much competition for my father as with school/co-ops I hadn’t been playing much throughout the summers. This summer, 2014, since I am now done school I have been able to get out a few times during the break before starting work; however, with moving for work I haven’t had the chance to try out the golf courses in my new home, Kenora. There wasn’t a point in getting a membership this year and I will have to see what next summer brings.

Devin Playing Tennis Aug. 2nd, 2014
Me Playing Tennis Aug. 2nd, 2014

I dabbled in tennis a little bit over the years and then when I was in Barrie for my co-op my passion for tennis truly sprouted. While in Barrie I was a member of their tennis club and was playing four times a week, my scheduled sessions and beyond. I found the game to be a good source of exercise with a nice social aspect. I think they ran the club really well. Unfortunately, since Barrie I have not been able to play that much and from what I have gathered Kenora doesn’t have much in the way of tennis, they are more about pickle ball. I may have to see what can be done on that front as I would love to find some people to play on a semi-regular basis at least, if it’s not possible to get a club going here. It definitely warrants further investigation.