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Building Aero 3D Day 38: Trailing Edge

Servo Wire Hole Drilled

Wednesday, Peter came over and we made some more progress. Could only do a little bit as the trailing edge is required to continue.

First, using a forstner drill bit, I drilled a hole into the top center of the wing. Peter held a piece of ply behind to help prevent the balsa sheeting from splintering while I drilled. This hole is where the servo leads (likely a Y extension) will come up through and into the fuselage to connect with the receiver.

Once that was done we determined the length of the trailing edge, which needs to be made out of two pieces, insuring some excess. Allowing for 3 inches of overlap I cut the excess off of one piece to make it more manageable to work with and then:

  • Marked 3 inches from each end of the scarf
  • Drew a line along the diagonal of the wider side of one
  • Marked side to be sanded
  • Determined how the diagonal line needed to be drawn on the other and which side marked to
  • Ensure pieces would fit together, one on top of the other
  • Sanded down to the line testing the fit along the way
  • Using 30 minute epoxy I glued the two pieces together
  • Placed a pin in each end and clamped to dry

You can see the final scarf joint clamped together and left to dry in the image below.

Due to Covid-19 and social distancing I’m not sure when our next session is going to be.

Building Aero 3D Day 37: Hinge Supports

Sanding & Hinge Supports

Sunday, Peter & I did some more work along the trailing edge of the wing. I started by continuing where we left off cutting down the trailing edge. I took a few more passes with the utility knife and then moved on to using a sanding block to get it flush with the back tip of the ribs. I did my best to ensure I didn’t nick the ribs in the process, but unfortunately I’m not perfect and you can see some light patches where I brushed against them with the sand paper.

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Building Aero 3D Day 36: Trailing Edge Trim & Bottom Sheeting

Trimmed Trailing Edge

Yesterday Peter came over and we got to looking at the ‘instructions’ again. It appears the top and bottom sheets go right to the trailing edge along the ribs and then a cap goes right along the back.

Because of that I started cutting off the excess WKA/WKB that has been hanging around incrementally using my utility knife. You can see the trailing edge in the featured image above and notice that the process isn’t completed. We kept a piece of 3/32” balsa up against the excess edge as a guide. Once I reached that point we stopped the process this session. Once we are confident in the configuration, Peter is going to bring W-TE-1 ( 1/4”x 3/8” balsa piece) so we can determine how everything is going to come together before proceeding with the trailing edge.

That didn’t stop us from making more progress as we moved on to the bottom of the wing. Peter cut out some more ‘sheet glue supports‘ from balsa and marked the center lines. I then used medium CA to glue them under the leading edge sheet between each rib.

I then cut out a piece of 3/32”, 4″ wide”, balsa similar to the peice on the top of the wing in length and curves. Using wood glue I applied it to the glue supports, ribs (previously marked how far back) and along lines Peter marked on the bottom of the sheet that’ll make contact with the ribs.

The sheet was pinned in place and weights placed on top while the glue dries. This wrapped up another session!

Building Aero 3D Day 35: Wing Top Sheeted

Top of Wing Sheeted

Wednesday we completed Step 4 of the wing instructions (minus cutting flush the trailing edge). Peter brought all the W-SH-5’s & W-SH-4’s he cut at home out of 3/32” balsa a bit longer then required.

I lined one of the pieces up on a rib, marked how much needed to be sanded off one end and then sanded them down to fit. Once I had them all sanded I marked the center of the rib on the top and bottom sheets so that while gluing we had a reference point to center the ‘rib caps’ on the top of the ribs.

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Building Aero 3D Day 33 & 34: Top Sheeting

Top Leading & Trailing Edge Glued

Friday Peter & I got some more sheeting done on the top of the wing. The first piece was the curved middle piece sheeting the middle of the wing.

In order to do this we cut a piece of 3/32“, 4″x62”, to make W-SH-2 to go to curve out to between the middle of the ‘enclosing’ ribs. To determine the curve we tried different plastic curve templates Peter brought until we found one which provided a curve to our satisfaction. To aid in this we had marked where the curve should start and end to leave enough hang over for the bottom portion. I then traced it and cut it out with the utility knife.

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Building Aero 3D Day 31: Sheeting Wing Begins

Bottom Leading Sheets Done

Wednesday we started the process of sheeting the wing. Prior to actually sheeting we went over the whole wing doing some sanding, removing any excess glue gobs, rough edges, etc. making sure everything was finished as best we could. This is to make sure the sheeting sits down properly and eliminate as many covering issues/bumps as we can.

Once that was done we trial fitted how we wanted the first set of balsa sheets (W-SH-1, 3/32 “, 4″x62”) to fit. Based on the diagram (Wing Step 3) the butt joint isn’t in the center, so we used a full sheet for the first part and then will trim the excess (seen in the bottom & top images) from the second sheet.

The steps then went as follows:

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Building Aero 3D Day 30: Ailerons Glued

Aileron Frames Glued

Sunday we focused on getting the ailerons glued together. This aircraft has some very nice sized ailerons. 🙂

We needed to figure out how to determine the size of the 1/4” x 1/4” balsa stringers we’d need, and which piece to start with. Ended up temporarily putting in place the WT1 (1/8” Ply) wing end tip piece to measure the length from the trailing edge of the wing to the trailing end of WT1. This gave us the length of the outer edge balsa stringer of the aileron (smaller piece).

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Building Aero 3D Day 29: Wing Bolt Plate & Ailerons Started

Wing Hold Down Glued FUE

Saturday, Feb. 22nd, I cut out the pieces for the aileron. Peter & I then did some looking at the airframe and figuring out what went where… as even though the pieces are labeled you do not actually have any labels in the pictures provided and need to figure out how things go together based on shape alone. We used the top down diagram with the overall measurements.

The leading and trailing edge of both ailerons came in two pieces which we needed to join together using a pre cut scarf joint. They were not cut very precisely and thus we needed to use filler to create a snug fit. We also used my big ruler to ensure while we were pinning things in place the edges were perfectly straight. We used slow epoxy for this job.

You can see how we left things to dry in the image below.

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