In the thick of my schooling I had the urge to create a web presence for myself and registered a domain on July 1st, 2007.  This lead to me finding a theme that was OK and customizing the CSS and graphics to obtain the color scheme I was looking for.  I then started blogging about some mini projects I was working on as well as having some static pages; but the blog roll was at the forefront of the homepage.  I also played with some of the hosting providers apps like a guest book in sub domains.  With school I never maintained much of a schedule as my focus was on completing my education and the site didn’t have the look and feel I was going for or the best domain name for my personal brand so I eventually dropped it.

Upon completing my Masters in May 2014 I knew it was time for some personal projects to come to fruition so I embarked on brainstorming a domain name that will hopefully be with me for years to come cementing my home in cyberspace.  Knowing that my full name was taken, and why I never obtained that the first time, I thought up other potential combinations or even a domain name that didn’t contain a part of my name at all but would represent who I am.  I eventually settled on dwcryan.com which breaks down to my first initial (D), middle initials (W.C.), and my last name Ryan.  Thankfully I had found a combination that was pleasing to me and available; availability of domain names can be a tricky task these days.  I registered the domain name on June 3, 2014.  During the brainstorming stage and after registration the search for a WordPress theme began again until I settled on the Revera theme and began my customizations of the theme.   About 4 months later I transitioned to Quark and continued to use the theme to this day.

My main focus for my cyber home is to build up a portfolio of my projects and blog about my experiences, you can check out my mission statement for more.